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Wayne County, Pennsylvania


On June 1, 1889, a tract of land consisting of approximately 16 acres was deeded to the Union Park Association. This property is located on the northwesterly side of PA Route 507, Lehigh Township, Gouldsboro, Wayne County, PA.

The intention of the donors was to create an area for all residents of all ages, all churches and organizations to gather for social occasions (e.g. picnics, reunions, sports events, etc,) Union Park presently consists of a ball field, which is used for athletic events by the Little League and by softball teams. Children also practice and play soccer at this facility.

A comfort station and concession stand have been built on the property as well as a walking trail of approximately a ½ mile that defines the perimeter of the park.

A picnic pavilion for all stockholders to enjoy is our current project at the park. Future projects will be to furnish a playground for our children.

Union Park Association is a nonprofit organization that relies on fundraisers and donations to subsidize these projects and for maintenance of the existing field and building. Funds are also generated through the sale of shares. The cost is $2.00 to purchase a share which entitles the shareholder to use the park. Shares are non-transferable. A description of what the shareholder is entitled follows.

Any questions you may have regarding the park, becoming a stockholder, serving on the Board of Directors, aiding with fundraising, etc. can be answered by calling Barbara Phillips at 570-842-4237 or Richard Roberts at 570-676-4090.


  • Attend meetings which are held on the fourth Tuesday of the month at the Gouldsboro Municipal Building, Second Street, Gouldsboro, at 7:00 P.M
  • Eligible to be nominated to the Board of Directors.
  • Nominate another stockholder for the Board of Directors. Elections are held annually the last Tuesday in September.
  • Each stockholder is entitled to (1) vote regardless of the amount of shares he owns.
  • Each stockholder is entitled to use of Union Park provided it is available. However, (2) shares are required for the use of the Park.
  • All stock is non-transferable. Stockholders can purchase additional shares of stock after all regular meetings.


View Union Park Association ByLaws

Thanks to the hard work of the Lehigh Township Board of Supervisors, Union Park has had some major upgrades over the last year.  It is now being used regularly for the Cal Ripkin League.  Stop by and take a look or watch a game.  The refreshment stand is also open during games.

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